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Central Coast Kyusho Jitsu

Kyusho literally translates to one second fighting or vital point sciences. By the use of pressure points we can cause dysfunctions to an assailant, by attacking their nervous system.

This secret art was passed from the Okinawan masters to their head students, down through the ages. The moves were hidden and practiced in their katas. Due to people like George Dillman, this art is now shared by martial artists around the world.

Kyusho can be added to any martial arts style, and can improve their effectiveness by as much as 200%.

The human body protects itself by covering vulnerable areas with muscle and bone. We teach students the correct angle and directions to bypass these natural protections and to cause the desired dysfunctions, thus giving you the advantage in any encounter.   

Principles & Concepts

  • Enhance your current martial arts techniques with advanced self defense
  • Sounds (sounds to enhance strikes)
  • Body mechanics
  • Life protection
  • Children can protect themselves against Adult attackers
  • Women can protect themselves from physical and sexual attackers.
  • Men can handle opponents much larger and stronger
  • Pressure point first aid